Les coulisses de l'atelier

Behind the scenes of the workshop

I draw by hand or by computer all my models.

Each of my drawings have a story whether it is linked to my childhood or to my travels, each piece of jewelry embodies a piece of life.

Once the drawing is finalized, I make a brass prototype in my workshop.
This will serve as a model for me to be able to make my jewelry in small series.


My jewelry is made of brass gilded with fine gold or silvered with fine silver.
A Parisian master gilder then applies, by electrolysis, the layer of gold or silver which will sublimate the jewel.

And as I have at heart to make jewels that resist in time,
my jewels are now covered with a thin layer of varnish
which protects both gilding and silvering.

It is this final touch that gives jewelry this precious side so unique.
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Dommage j’ai découvert votre marque une fois tous mes cadeaux fait mais c’est sur je reviendrai vers vous car nous sommes amateurs d’animaux,mes aussi j’ai adoré les signes astrologiques de votre gamme. Je suis vierge et je la trouve magnifique ainsi que la chaine.
Je vous remercie de votre magnifique offre.
Je suis fanne de votre gamme de bijoux
Merci pour mes futurs cadeaux.

Ridard Canet Catherine

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